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About Us

Healthy smiles start here. At Happy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry, we offer the best and most comprehensive pediatric dental care for children of all ages including infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, and young patients with special needs. 

Our gentle approach to pediatric dental care is reflected in our safe environment, patient-centered services, trusting relationships, and open communication with parents and their children. 

We strive to get children started off on the right path in their oral health. As pediatric dentists, we are specialists or experts in dental care for children. We attend school for an additional two years beyond regular dental school and have specific knowledge about bone growth and face shapes. 

Think about it, most parents do not take their growing children to a regular doctor. They take them to a pediatrician. Dentistry is the same concept. Why would you take your child to a general dentist when he/she could see a pediatric dentist instead?

For the best pediatric dentist in Statesville, NC, contact Happy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry and let us keep your child’s mouth healthy.

what parents say

I remember going to Dr. Rankin’s office when it was on Stockton Street. I was about 6 years old and very nervous. Dr. Rankin and Althea were great and made me feel comfortable. I was so excited when Dr. Rankin told my mom I needed braces. My teeth were a mess and now they are nice and straight. I’ve been complimented on my smile many times and I am grateful to Dr. Rankin and his staff. Now, my children see Dr. Rankin and love going to get a new toothbrush and prize from the toy box. I know my kids are in great hands.

Kinnan Johnson

Statesville, NC

We have been seeing Dr. Rankin and his amazing team for years- ever since our daughter was very young. They have never failed to make our children feel so loved and cared for from the moment we walk in the door. The children met Dr. Tucker this week and liked him immediately. He is caring, kind, and fun, and we look forward to working with him. It is such a blessing to have a pediatric dental practice that your children get excited about going to. We will all miss Dr. Rankin, but we congratulate him on his retirement!

Mrs. Runner Girl

Dr. Tucker and and his staff are AMAZING!!! My 7 year old son was so surprised that when Dr. Tucker filled his cavity that he couldn’t even feel it. Dr. Tucker was so personable and kind, and the staff is always so sweet! My son and I both LOVE this office!!!

Allison Blair Blair Realty LLC

I have left a review here before, but I wanted to touch back in since there is a new main dentist in. He is so good with children. My youngest who has difficulty with strangers took to him very quickly. They all just really love serving children and their families and you can tell.

Savanah Bustle

Love my dentist they really care about our teeth.The staff are all very nice.

Dana Feimster

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