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Alt-text: Sensitive Teeth in Kids.

Sensitive Teeth in Kids: 4 Things Parents Should Know

Sensitive teeth in kids can result in excess discomfort. As a parent, you can tell how it feels from your personal experience with tooth sensitivity. Aside from causing pain, a child’s sensitive teeth could sometimes indicate a pressing dental problem that demands immediate attention from

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Alt-text: Preventive treatment to enhance your kids’ oral health.

Preventive Treatments To Enhance Your Kids’ Oral Health

Are you aware that early childhood cavities (ECC) are the most common pediatric disease? It may be difficult to believe, but tooth decay negatively affects kids twenty times more than childhood diabetes, five times more than asthma, and four times more than early-childhood obesity. Tooth

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Dental Sealants For Children

Dental Sealants in Children: How They Work

February is tagged National Children’s Dental Health Month. It’s a month that brings together thousands of passionate dental professionals, health care providers, and educators to advance the benefits of good oral health in kids. The 2022 National Children’s Dental Health Month’s central focus is on

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Improving your child's oral health in 2022.

7 Practices To Improve Your Kid’s Oral Health In 2022

Hurray! It’s a new year! You would have probably outlined some plans and resolutions for the year. However, we have an extra you can include on your list, and that’s improving your kid’s oral health. Oral health is a crucial part of young children’s overall

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