Preventive Treatments To Enhance Your Kids’ Oral Health

Alt-text: Preventive treatment to enhance your kids’ oral health.

Are you aware that early childhood cavities (ECC) are the most common pediatric disease? It may be difficult to believe, but tooth decay negatively affects kids twenty times more than childhood diabetes, five times more than asthma, and four times more than early-childhood obesity.

Tooth decay doesn’t affect school-age kids alone. Early childhood cavities can affect your baby teeth and cause significant pain for your child. In fact, both adult and childhood dental problems are so vast due to the neglect in dental care that March 20th has been named World Oral Health Day.

At Happy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry, our entire dental care team is committed to helping families in Statesville, NC, keep their kid’s teeth healthy. We provide preventive dental treatments that can significantly impact your child’s oral health.

Preventive Dental Care

Preventive oral care is a whole-body approach to oral health centered on prevention and the overall health of your kids, not only treatment. Preventive care is essential for children whose teeth, mouth, and gums are still developing. 

To prevent cavities and abnormal growth in children is more effortless, painless, and less costly than treating dental problems when the permanent teeth are fully developed. Moreover, having a healthy mouth helps kids maintain better nutrition and self-esteem.

Types Of Preventive Dentistry Treatment For Kids

The major preventive dental treatments to enhance your kid’s oral health include: 

Teeth Cleanings

Undergoing professional cleanings at least twice a year helps remove plaque and tartar. It’s challenging to remove all plaque when brushing and flossing at home, especially for children. Although children and parents may do their best, the likelihood of some plaque lingering between the teeth is high.

To get rid of plaque, it’s crucial to allow your kids to come for regular teeth cleaning appointments. We will use our professional tools to extract anything that can result in cavity build-up in the future.

Fluoride Treatment

Using fluoride toothpaste when brushing the teeth can help strengthen them. Fluorine is a naturally occurring mineral that strengthens the teeth’ enamel in children. When the enamel is strengthened, it enables the tooth to fight off bacteria and acid that results in tooth decay.

The stronger your child’s teeth are, the less likely they will be affected by decay or dental damage. Research has also indicated that the application of fluorine can reduce the likelihood of cavity build-up by 30 percent.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are thin coatings of plastic applied by the dentist to fill the hard-to-reach nooks and grooves of your child’s back molars and premolars. Sealants are painless preventive treatments that take minutes to apply.

Once the sealant hardens, your child can eat without the food touching the teeth’s surfaces. Thus, sealants act as a barrier and reduce the possibility of a child developing cavities in the future.

Mouth Guards

We also recommend using mouth guards for children created in our dental office. Mouthguards must be worn when playing or practicing sports to prevent the tooth from being damaged if something collides with the mouth.

Schedule An Appointment

Scheduling an appointment in our dental office is the first step in receiving preventive dental care. Getting a preventive dental treatment in Statesville, NC, helps enhance your child’s dental health. We help clean your kids’ teeth and provide other preventative solutions that can help reduce their risk of getting cavities. Contact us today.

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